Cronix Freestyle/Freeride SLE-tubekite

Offers Freestylers all they need, like fast kiteloops, and unhooked performance.
At the same time it’s still very versatile and user friendly:
huge depowerrange, never get out of control in strong winds. Easy relaunch, even in lightwinds.

Targetgroups: Freestyle, Freeride, Wave (huge depower, fast turning, stability while drifting…)

Innovative TE-bridle system: adaptive airfoil (patented)
Profile adjustment – like sailing or on airplane wings – this is the idea behind the Adaptive Airfoil System. For the first time in kite history, a minimalistic trailing edge bridle makes it possible, to adjust the profile of the kite during flight. Especially noticeable on the excellent low end or when relaunching.