Floater4 VTOL drone

My new 3m VTOL plane with 4 hours of flighttime!

Video below:

IMG_20200315_171007 - Kopie


vlcsnap-00008 - Kopie

vlcsnap-00010 - Kopie


IMG_20200315_171010 - Kopie

vlcsnap-00020 - Kopie

IMG_20200315_171001 - Kopie

vlcsnap-00011 - Kopie

Tech data:
Wingspan 3m
Takeoff weight 4,4kg
Available hover time from one battery: 35min
Datalink: one powerfull 1W datalink for telemetry and RC together
adjustable power, usually I fly at 100mW
Datalink range: at least 10km (from my tests)
(guy with bigger balls flew 50km on the same links already)
Used camera: Runcam Spli2 Mini
Live video via FPV link, onboard storage in Full-HD


GPS-track of 4 hours testflight: